11:37 am - Thursday June 30, 2016

Essay CSS Past Paper 2007

Federal Public Service Commission

Competitive Examination for Recruitment to the Posts in BS-17

under The Federal Government, 2007 


Time Allowed: 3 Hours                                                                               Maximum Marks: 100

Note:- Write an Essay in English on One of the following Topic:

1- The more developed a country, the more leathly it is armed.

2- Higher Education as an agent of change

3- The future of mankind in a global warming perspective

4- The image of Islam in the western world and responsibilities of the Muslim Ummah

5- A country is backward because it’s people are backward

6- Globalization and electronic media

7- The present system of Education must assume some of responsibilities of our failure

8- Politics is the art of possible

9- Terrorism as a new threat to the contemporary world

10- The state of women rights in Pakistan