Idioms and their meanings





zero hour

– the exact time when an attack or other military action will start

The air force planes waited until zero hour in order to begin their bombing mission.

zero hour

– the time when an important decision or event is supposed to occur

We waited until zero hour and the time when the new computer system was supposed to begin operating.

zero in on

– to adjust a gun so that it will hit a target, to aim at something

The soldiers zeroed in on the target and began to fire their guns.

zero in on

– to give one`s full attention to something

We zeroed in on the problem of what to do with the extra space in our office.

zero-sum game

– a situation where if one person or organization wins or gains something then the other person or organization must lose

It is a zero-sum game with the manager. Someone has to win or lose.

zonk out

– to fall asleep very quickly

When I got home last night I immediately zonked out.

zoom in on (someone or something)

– to use a zoom lens to get a closer view of someone or something when taking a photograph

The cameraman zoomed in on the players on the field.