English Grammar

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            A proverb is a short saying or sentence that is generally known by many people. The saying usually contains words of wisdom, truth or morals that are based on common sense or practical experience. It is often a description of a basic rule of conduct that all people generally follow or should follow. Proverbs can be found in all languages

          An idiom is a combination of words that has a meaning that is different from the meanings of the individual words themselves. It can have a literal meaning in one situation and a different idiomatic meaning in another situation. It is a phrase which does not always follow the normal rules of meaning and grammar.

           preposition is a word placed before a Noun and Pronoun to show its relation to some other words in the sentence.

           There are five different types of preposition

  1. Simple
  2. Double
  3. Compound
  4. participle
  5. Phrase Preposition
  • Pair of Words